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JR Development

Multicultural Excellence Program Grant

January, annually


This grant provides funding to competitive junior development programs that are training youngsters aspiring to achieve national and/or international rankings. Funding will be based on number of players with sectional and national rankings in a specific program. Must be a year-round program that provides a high level of on-court instruction and off-court training opportunities and must have a history of developing tournament level players.
National Contacts: Jean Desdunes, Senior Director, Diversity, 305-481-1491 or Terri Arnold-McKenzie, Coordinator, Diversity, 914-697-2381
Date Application is Available: October 2013
Application Due Date: Jan. 17, 2014
Date Grant Awarded: February 2014


Grants & Scholarship

Facilities Grant

The Mississippi Tennis Association would like to announce that it will again offer Facility Grants to communities across the state that are in need of funding for tennis facilities!