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Rules & Regs

NTRP Tournament Rules & Regulations



Only players who have established a legal residency in Mississippi, hold a current USTA membership card assigned to Mississippi, and are citizens of the United States or meet the resident alien requirements for a USTA National ranking are eligible to participate in Mississippi Closed tournaments and/or receive a ranking in Mississippi. Resident alien requirements include resident aliens who have resided in the United States continuously for more than one year and are members of families of persons in the diplomatic or consular corps. The MTA shall have full authority to make conclusive interpretations and decisions regarding residency.


  1. The MTA Point System will determine final adult and senior rankings. Players will earn points for each round reached in tournaments that count toward a Mississippi ranking.
    • Final Rankings will be based on each player’s best 2 tournament results.
    • Point Standings will be updated as new results are available.
    • Tournaments will be reviewed annually and categories set for the next year.
    • Appeal procedures will be in place solely to correct data input errors.
    • 20 point bonus given for playing in the Mississippi Senior Cup players.
    • Matches played outside your age group have no bearing on the ranking in your age group.
  2. DEFAULTS: An unexcused default at any point in a tournament (main draw or consolation) will result in no credit being given to the player for that tournament.


  1. In order to play in an NTRP tournament a player must be a least 18 years old or older during the calendar year. A player who does not play USTA leagues may enter tournaments at his self-rated level. However, if a player who does not have a computer rating has been ranked #1 in a level for two consecutive years, that player must play at the next higher level the following year. USTA league players must play at their published computer rating, which is valid for 4 years, unless 60 years or older, then the rating is good for 2 years. All players may play up at a higher level, but not below their published rating.
  2. The 2014 Mississippi NTRP and Open tournament standings and rankings will be based on Points Per Round system. The point system is easy to understand and should encourage more play because it does not count losses and players will receive points for their top 5 tournament results.
  3. The levels of play offered in Mixed Doubles will be combined 5.0,6.0,7.0,8.0,9.0,10.0) where each individual player’s rating may be no more than 1.0 apart (i.e., a 3.0 player and a 4.0 player may play 7.0; or a 3.5 may play with a 3.5 at 7.0. However, a 2.5 player and a 4.5 player could not play 7.0).
  4. The points for tournaments will be as follows:
    300 POINT - MS State Champs
    200 POINT - All other MS NTRP Tournaments & all Southern Championships
    150 POINT - Southern NTRP Champs held in MS & all Southern Tournaments
    Champion 300 200 150
    Finalist 250 170 110
    Semis 200 140 75
    Quarters 150 110 50
    Round of 16 100 80 25
    Round of 32 75 50 10
    Round of 64 40 30 5
    Each Consolation Won 25 15 10

    Mississippi Standings

    • Total points are based on each player’s best 5 tournament results including all Southern Tournament results.
    • Must have at least 1 win to appear on the standing list.
    • Point standings will be posted on the internet and updated monthly.
    • Byes will not earn points until the next round Opponents will receive points from a default or withdrawal.
    • Tournaments will be reviewed annually and categories set for the coming year.
    • Appeal procedures will be in place solely to correct input errors
  5. All Mississippi NTRP players are eligible to participate in the NTRP State Championships.
  6. The list of MTA sanctioned tournaments is published in the yearbook and also posted on our Adults Tournaments page.
  7. Final Ranking List
    • To receive a Adult/Senior year-end ranking Total points are based on each player’s best 2 tournament results including all Southern Tournament results in the Adult/Senior Tournaments
    • To receive a NTRP year-end ranking Total points are based on each player’s best 3 tournament results including all Southern Tournament results in the NTRP Tournaments.
    • Must play in at least one State Tournament to be eligible to be on the year-end rankings list.
    • Must have at least 1 win to appear on the year-end ranking list.


The USTA Point Penalty System (PPS) will be in effect in all MTA sanctioned tournaments, as defined in USTA Regulations in 2017 Friend at Court (.pdf).


A player's best (2) tournament results in Mississippi sanctioned events for the entire ranking year will be the basis for standings list ranking.  Consolation matches will be used for rankings.  All players who meet the requirements will be ranked.


Throughout the year player standings and records will be posted.  These records should be checked against the player's personal record and the MTA office notified in writing of any changes or additions. The year end rankings will be based on results from January 1 through December 31 and will be published as soon as all tournament results for the current year have been posted. There will be no appeals to standings and rankings except in the event of an error on the player record.

To play and truly enjoy the game, you’ve got to know the rules so that you can go out and serve, return and score with confidence.

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