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Tennis Apprentice Grant



USTA Southern Tennis Apprentice Program Overview

The Southern Adult League Committee continues to promote beginner clinics within the section. The future of USTA League Tennis requires the recruitment of brand new players to the game, so spearheading this effort is extremely important. Southern would like to provide an opportunity to host sessions of Tennis Apprentice, which is an all-inclusive program package for the beginning tennis player. The all-inclusive package will include for each player: USTA membership, tennis racket, on-court instruction, social networking and transitional opportunities to USTA Leagues. For those of you who already host a Tennis Apprentice program(s), you will be eligible to apply for a program to target a new area, facility or new timeslot for this exciting program.

Southern would like to support up to 150 Tennis Apprentice sessions over the next 12 months. Tennis professionals, facility coordinators, local coordinators and CTAs may all apply.

What are the Elements for a Tennis Apprentice Session?

The all-inclusive Tennis Apprentice player package should include:

  • 6-8 weeks of organized play coached by an experienced professional
  • New USTA membership for each participant
  • Beginner tennis rackets (HEAD Ti Conquest) for players to keep  
  • Pathway for players to transition to a USTA program in collaboration with Local League Coordinator

What Do I Receive by Hosting a Tennis Apprentice Session? What is included? 

USTA Southern will provide the following for each Tennis Apprentice session:

  • One set of beginner tennis rackets (HEAD Ti Conquest) to distribute to participants per session
  • $100 Tennis Apprentice pro/CTA bonus fee for first 100 participant lists received in 2016
  •  Participant fees  
  • Marketing collateral and digital assets for local promotion.

Can I Charge a Participant Fee?

Yes! You may charge a participant fee up to a maximum of $99 per player. The reason for the cap is to ensure a low-cost registration. The USTA membership ($44) must be included in the participant fee.

How Do I Start the Process?  

Complete the Tennis Apprentice online application. Once reviewed, you will be notified via e-mail within 10 days after submission if approved.

Applications must be received a minimum of 45 days prior to the anticipated start date but no later than TBD. A final number of registered players should be e-mailed to at least 7 days prior to the start of the session. An Accountability Form along with a breakdown of expenses must be submitted within 10 days after session end date.  

Tennis Apprentice Goals and Benefits for Tennis Professionals, Facilities and Local Area

Facility and/or Coordinator Outline and Goals

  • Complete application for each session via online application ( > Tennis Apprentice)
  • Sessions must be between 6-8 weeks and include organized lessons and structured play
  • Coordinators and/or professionals are encouraged to host two or more sessions a year with 10-12 players per session
  • Fee may not exceed $99 per player and must  include USTA membership
  • Get them into a USTA program within four months of completion of Apprentice program
  • Accountability Form completed after 10 days from the session close.

USTA Southern Contributions to Your Success

  • Set of beginner racquets (HEAD Ti Conquest) to distribute to Tennis Apprentice participants per session. Tennis Apprentice players will keep racquet.
  • Digital assets to promote program through local outlets - facility website, CTA website, social media to help with local promotion.
  • Inclusion on USTA Southern Tennis Apprentice page. Local dates, location & link will be listed.
  • Access to the registration and redemption portal
  • $100 per session bonus fee available upon receipt of Participant List with USTA numbers for the first 100 participant lists received in 2016.

Examples of Tennis Apprentice Operating Budget 

Tennis Apprentice Fee (per player) $79.00 $99.00
Tennis Apprentice Total Fees Per Session (10 players) $790.00 $990.00
Bonus Fee for Tennis Apprentice Session $100.00  $100.00
USTA Membership Deducted (10 players) $440.00  $440.00
Additional Program Funds  Per Session $450.00 $650.00
Additional Program Funds for 3 Sessions   $1,350.00* $1950.00*

*For example, hosting 3 sessions of Tennis Apprentice brings in an additional $1,350 - 1,950 (based on registration fee you choose) to pay for court fees, professional fees, balls, party supplies…whatever you want to do to make Tennis Apprentice a recognized tennis program in your area.

How Can Tennis Apprentice Benefit You in the Future?

  • Create a Tennis Apprentice II or similar follow-up program to continue education
  • Development a new clientele base for individual and/or group lessons at your desired rate
  • Increase use of tennis facility from Tennis Apprentice sessions, pocket leagues, league play and/or lessons
  • Grow tennis in your local area
  • Make you a leader in your tennis community!