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Criteria for Selection

Residency Requirements

  1. Primary consideration of accomplishments will be those made while a resident of Mississippi.
  2. Primary consideration will be given those over the age of 45.  The reason for this is that to be considered for nomination one must have supported Mississippi tennis over a period of time.

Tennis Accomplishments as a player

  1. MTA, STA, USTA Championships
  2. MTA, STA, USTA Rankings
  3. Other

Tennis Support

  1. Administration
  2. MTA, STA, USTA (officer and committees)
  3. Tournament (chairman, director, referee, umpire etc)
  4. Coach
  5. Other

Tennis Awards and Recognition

  1. National
  2. Sectional
  3. Mississippi

Selection of Inductee

  1. Will be made from a list of nominees by a Committee of a minimum of three person appointed by the President of the Tennis Foundation of Mississippi
  2. No more than two persons may be inducted in any one year.
  3. Nomination for induction must be made in writing.
  4. The Committee will select the Inductee(s) based on his/her support of Mississippi tennis using all the information made available to them from the above criteria and any other information deemed pertinent.

Nomination Form