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2014 Pro's Workshop



Alliance of Mississippi Tennis Professionals

The Mississippi Alliance of Tennis Pros exists to facilitate the growth of tennis in Mississippi, and consists of tennis pros and coaches who are committed to excellence through a continued relationship with either the USPTA or PTR, which provide the pros with the resources to improve their knowledge and teaching skill of the "sport of a lifetime." 

Alliance members must also be current members of the USTA.  Information about these professional organizations can be found at and

The Alliance is an independent entity and is not directly affiliated with USPTA, PTR, or USTA. 

Current Members

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Job Openings

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Grants & Scholarship

The Mississippi Tennis Association's Board of Directors has approved the establishment of two scholarships for entering freshmen at a two year or four year community college, college or university...

Adult Programs

This year the Callen Cup (formerly known as the USTA Southern Senior Cup) will be held in Huntsville, Alabama at the Huntsville Tennis Center.