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Board of Directors



President Karen Newman Morgan
Executive Vice President Jeffrey Farris
Vice President

Jimmie Coins



Bo Gard

Treasurer David Humphreys
Secretary Meg Coker
Immediate Past President Jim Warren



Delta Pam Eifling
Northeast Robert Garrett
North Central Rivers Humber 
East Central Dudley Bearden
Jackson Neal Robinson
Pine Belt Michael Haddox
Southwest Brain Perry
Gulf Coast Calvin Ishee
At-Large Donald Jones
At-Large Kris Steen
Pro's Representative          William Foreman


Past Presidents

Jim Warren 2015-2016
John Cox 2013-2014
Dennis Miller, 2011-2012
Louis Peters, 2009-2010
Huey Townsend, 2006-2008
Bill Pressly, 2005
Dudley Stewart, 2003-04
Whit Rayner, 2001-02
Pat Wheeler, 1999-2000
Jan Johnson, 1997-98
Gaines Dyer, 1995-96
Jerry Shemper, 1993-94
Betty Roche, 1991-92
Yvonne Edwards, 1989-90
Peter Koury, 1987-88
Buddy Klumb, 1985-86
Sharon Gault, 1983-84
Leighton Pettis, 1981-82
Carolyn Henry, 1979-80
Milton Cash, 1977-78
Bobby Jones, 1975-76
Dr. Wilfred Cole, 1973-74
Victor P. Smith, 1971-72
Ken Toler, 1969-70


Adult Programs

Tennis Foundation

We have many deserving players, coaches and pros who are eligible for the Mississippi Tennis Hall of Fame.