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The Role of Parents in Junior Tennis

Positive Conduct for Tennis Parents & FYI (.pdf)

Positive Conduct for Tennis Parents & FYI (.pdf)

Positive Conduct for Tennis Parents:

  • Remain in the spectator area during competitions.
  • Become familiar with the rules of tennis by reading the “Friend at Court.”
  • Don’t advise the administration, coach or other parents on how to do the job.
  • Don’t coach your child during the contest in any USTA sanctioned tournament.
  • Show interest, enthusiasm, and support for your child.
  • Don’t make insulting comments to players, parents, officials, or coaches of either team or individual.
  • Keep control of your emotions.
  • Thank the coaches, officials, tournament director, and other volunteers who conducted the event.
  • Courtesy is expected


  • Players make calls on their own side of the net, spectators may never make calls.
  • Opponent gets benefit of doubt.
  • Ball touches any part of the line is good and a ball that cannot be called out is good.
  • Either player may make the call in doubles.
  • All points are treated the same, regardless of their importance.
  • Out calls reversed.  A player who calls a ball out shall reverse the call if the player becomes uncertain or realizes that the ball was good.
  • Always make prompt audible or visible calls.
  • Ball marks can only be used for making calls on clay courts; never under any circumstance can it be used on a hard court surface.



Grants & Scholarship

Facilities Grant

The Mississippi Tennis Association would like to announce that it will again offer Facility Grants to communities across the state that are in need of funding for tennis facilities!