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Congrats to winners at 18 and Over!

Great work to all our winners at 18 and Over a few weeks ago in Jackson! The winners are as follows:

  • 2.5 Men, Bradley Thomas, Jackson Area

  • 2.5 Women, Chase King, Jackson Area

  • 3.0 Men, Blake Kennedy, Jackson Area

  • 3.0 Women, Leah Stewart, South West

  • 3.5 Men, Bryan Howell, Jackson Area

  • 3.5 Women, Tammy Chapman, North East

  • 4.0 Men, Alec Taylor, Jackson Area

  • 4.0 Women, Pamela Grafton, North Central

  • 4.5 Men, Brad Boteler, Jackson Area

  • 4.5 Women, Carrie Olsson, Pine Belt

  • 5.0 Men, Corrie Harlow, North Central

Grants & Scholarship

The Mississippi Tennis Association's Board of Directors has approved the establishment of two scholarships for entering freshmen at a two year or four year community college, college or university...

Adult Programs

This year the Callen Cup (formerly known as the USTA Southern Senior Cup) will be held in Huntsville, Alabama at the Huntsville Tennis Center.