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National Championship Junior Team Tennis (NCJTT)


This is the page for the National Championship Jr Team Tennis (NCJTT) State Qualifying Event.  Teams that win this event are eligible to advance to the NCJTT Sectionals and Nationals.

The Southern Sectional NCJTT even is scheduled for August 12–14 and from there teams may go to the National Championship.

Mississippi’s NCJTT Qualifier is schedule for May 14 – 15 in Jackson.

Tournament Rules

Player Consent Form (All parents fill out ONLINE BEFORE TOURNAMENT!)

Lodging Form (Out of town captains please fill out by Tuesday, May 17)



14 & Under NCJTT Champions, Netsetters

18 & Under NCJTT Champions, Mississippi Aces




Community Tennis

Facilities Grant

The Mississippi Tennis Association would like to announce that it will again offer Facility Grants to communities across the state that are in need of funding for tennis facilities!