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What is a CTA?

Any incorporated, geographically defined, not-for-profit, volunteer-based tennis organization that supports or provides programs which promote and develop the growth of tennis.

What does a CTA do?

As an association, the group works to coordinate and maintain tennis programs that are open and accessible to all. Members of the CTA may act as a tennis advocates, program administrators, promoters, and fund-raisers. Activities may include bringing tennis events and programs such as USTA programs, tennis camps, festivals, leagues and tournaments to the community and its residents.

What are the requirements of a CTA to receive USTA & MTA grant funds?

1. Registration with the Mississippi Secretary of State's Office as a private, non-profit organization
2. Obtain a USTA organizational membership
3. Complete the CTA Registration form on the USTA website
4. Federal Tax ID
5. Achieve tax-exempt status from the IRS
6. Annually file Form 990 with the IRS
7. Officers, Board of Directors, and By-Laws

Does A CTA Exist in Your Community?

About 75% of the state falls within the boundaries of an existing CTA. See CTA Directory for a complete listing and a contact person.

How to Start a CTA?

Contact Russell Dendy or call 601-981-4421 for information about starting a CTA. Grant funds are available for start-up.

For a full list of resources for CTA's such as benefits, insurance, and workshop opportunities, visit:








Grants & Scholarship

Facilities Grant

The Mississippi Tennis Association would like to announce that it will again offer Facility Grants to communities across the state that are in need of funding for tennis facilities!