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2024 April Captains of the Month

We're pleased to announce our April Captains of the Month! The Adult League Captain of the Month is Theresa Cole. The JTT Captain of the Month is Melanie Lauderdale.

Theresa Cole, a resident of Roxie, Mississippi, has led a life dedicated to serving others and pursuing her passions. Married to her high school sweetheart for 35 years, Theresa is the proud mother of two children, Brody Cole and Megan Hurtt, and the loving grandmother of three beautiful grandchildren: Hollis, Owen, and Francisco.

After a fulfilling career as a Registered Nurse, Theresa retired from Alcorn State University in 2021, where she served as an Assistant Professor. With newfound time on her hands, Theresa embraced her love for tennis and became deeply involved in the local tennis community.

In just seven years, Theresa went from a novice player to a passionate advocate for the sport. Her dedication to tennis led her to become the captain of her tennis team, a role she has embraced wholeheartedly for two years now. One of her proudest moments as captain was leading her team to the state championships during her first year at the helm.

Theresa's enthusiasm for tennis extends beyond her own enjoyment of the game. She actively encourages others in the Natchez, MS area to join the tennis community, regardless of their age or experience level. Theresa believes that tennis is a sport for everyone and is eager to assist anyone interested in getting started.

For those in the Natchez area looking to begin their tennis journey, Theresa recommends Duncan Park Tennis, which boasts a beautiful facility with two new courts. More than just a place to play, Duncan Park Tennis is a welcoming community filled with wonderful people who share Theresa's passion for the sport.

Retirement has allowed Theresa to fully immerse herself in her love for tennis and to make a meaningful impact on her community. Her story serves as an inspiration to others to pursue their passions and to never stop learning and growing, no matter their age or stage in life.

Theresa Cole's journey from Registered Nurse to Tennis Captain is a testament to the power of dedication, passion, and the joy of sharing one's love for a sport with others.

Melanie Lauderdale, hailing from Brandon, Mississippi, is a passionate advocate for youth tennis. Over the past three years, she's served as a JTT (Junior Team Tennis) captain, sparking her involvement to introduce her son to the sport.

Growing up in Brandon and playing high school tennis, Melanie's roots run deep in the local tennis scene. Now a mother of two, both avid players themselves, she captains two teams each in the fall and spring seasons, ensuring both her kids and others get the chance to thrive on the court.

Melanie's commitment doesn't stop there. She's an active participant in USTA night leagues, drawing from her own experiences to enrich her coaching style. Her favorite player? Pete Sampras, whose dedication and resilience continue to inspire her and her teams.

Melanie Lauderdale's dedication to youth tennis is shaping the next generation of players in Brandon and beyond.