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About 10 & Under Tennis

10 and Under Tennis was designed with the child in mind. We use smaller racquets and slower balls that allow children to get acclimated to the sport in a fun environment.  We host family oriented tennis festivals and friend-focused tennis events throughout Mississippi, all of which are fun for the entire family.

The Top Ten on 10 & Under Tennis

  1. Teaches kids self-confidence and self-assurance.
  2. Provides smaller courts for young children.
  3. Uses modified scoring to keep kids active and having fun.
  4. Helps kids make new friends.
  5. Leads to better academic focus.
  6. Starts playing a lifelong sport.
  7. Allows for families to engage with children.
  8. Eases beginners into tennis regardless of level.
  9. Gives you chances to receive great prizes.
  10. And … provides a way for kids and parents to have FUN!!!


First Year Free Membership

Click here for a FREE 1-year USTA 10 and Under Junior Membership. Until Dec. 31, 2014, kids 10 and Under, new to the USTA, can receive a FREE 1-year Junior Membership -- a $20 value!

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